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  • thin crust on both pizzas
  • Please put garlic sauce on pizza, thanks!
  • Please put garlic sauce on the pizza aswell. Thanks alot!
  • hi can you take the keema out and put pineapple instead
  • With sweetcorn and jelapeno plz
  • Pls be generous with pizza toppings
  • Jalapeños on this pizza please
  • No mushrooms
  • With sweetcorn and jelepenos
  • Can you please put garlic on the pizza aswell?
  • No cheese just chicken burger with Mayo and lettuce no spice
  • Can you put jelpenos on pizza
  • Plz put chill on top. No leg pieces.
  • extra sweetcorn lots!!!!!!!
  • Pls b generous with pizza toppings
  • with sweetcorn and jalapenos plz
  • no salad &chili
  • with sweetcorn and jelipenos
  • add cheese please
  • with sweetcorn & jalapenos plz
  • Please send sauce seperate.
  • Please send separate sauce
  • grill the chicken please
  • please grill the chicken & can we have a rubicon guava drink
  • No onions please